The Art of Teaching & Personalized Learning

The Art of Teaching

Personalized learning is the direct result of combining both student inputs (data) and instructional design (resources) in a manner that matches the needs of a student. In Spring Branch, we believe in the art of teaching and in the unparalleled expertise of our educators.
As artists responsible for the optimal development of every child, our teachers need the highest quality tools at their fingertips as they design and implement learning opportunities for their students. Learning is not a static, linear process.
Rather, we embrace the fact that the teaching and learning of content is an inherently complex human system that requires agency, engagement and access to multifaceted resources.
The following details our ongoing efforts to ensure that our teachers have everyday access to the high-quality resources they need to serve our students.   
We view planning and design as interrelated elements within the overarching planning process.
These elements are at the core of any high-quality learning environment.
In short, student inputs + instructional design = personalized learning.